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We envision a Santa Ana where every resident that has been born, raised here or has made this city their home has the right to remain and thrive. We strive for a safe and vibrant city that provides economic opportunity and housing security for all of its residents, regardless of immigration status. 


We believe that when our local government invests in youth and adult residents through programs that promote responsible economic development, job opportunities, dignified wage, education, and arts and culture, we can create a safe and healthy community for all. We envision a Santa Ana that prioritizes the needs of  people over special interests.


We believe that what ultimately makes a city vibrant, safe, and beautiful is its residents, youth, and families, and believe residents should have a say in the present and future of Santa Ana. Therefore, we envision and advocate for a local government that engages meaningfully with all of its residents through participatory democracy that is accountable and transparent in its civic, social and economic decisions.

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